The tap water in Aarhus is almost 100-year-old pure groundwater, which has not undergone any chemical purification or addition as that is not necessary. Much is done to protect the high quality of the tap water and prevent contamination e.g. by prohibiting the use of pesticides in areas with vulnerable groundwater and raising new forest over ground water reservoirs. Our unmanned waterworks and water mains are controlled and monitored by state-of-the-art technology – often developed by local companies.

All wastewater passes through a high-purity treatment process with state-of-the-art technological solutions and is afterwards discharged to e.g. rivers and the sea. The entire city is covered by a sewer system, which is currently being converted into separate sewerage to avoid future flooding and reduce the amount of water being led to the wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater treatment in Aarhus is characterized by an innovative approach. For example, the slurry is converted to biogas and used for energy production and the excess heat is send into the district heating network. Furthermore, phosphorus is extracted from the wastewater and used as fertilizer.

The City of Aarhus has taken several initiatives regarding climate adaption. One of the main focus areas in the municipal climate adaption plan has been to create time and space for the water.

Another focus area has been to create synergy and added value when creating solutions for climate adaption. This is done by for example draining the rainwater locally, which puts less stress on the municipal sewer systems and at the same time improves traffic and recreational solutions.


Selection of sites and cases

Marselisborg WWTP produces 34 percent more electricity than it needs and 1,5 GW of heat (data from 2019).

A project on rainwater management in Risvangen, Aarhus Municipality prepares the area for future cloudbursts while simultaneously decreasing CO2-emissions and water pollution.

The Aarhus area is vulnerable to flooding, that is why a sluice was installed in the city centre.