There are many innovative sites on waste management and circular economy to observe and learn from in Aarhus. They range from small, environmental start-ups to the recycling of garden waste on a major scale. However, the aspect that all of the cases have in common is that they challenge our perceptions on waste and inspire to think sustainable and circular. Read more on some of the sites delegations are able to visit by clicking on the links below.


Selection of sites and cases

AVA-Green is a part of AffaldVarme, Aarhus’ waste management and district heating supply unit. They produce and sell new products made of garden and construction waste from the citizens of Aarhus and are thereby a great example of local circular economy.

AVA Green

REUSE is a redefined recycling centre owned by AffaldVarme Aarhus, the local waste management and district heating supply unit. It is an innovative space for recycling, upcycling and progressive waste management.

The association “From Grounds to Gourmet” is an upcycling project that uses leftovers from coffee brewing to grow oyster mushrooms.