The transport sector is the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions in the City of Aarhus and the transport demand in Aarhus is rising rapidly in line with the growth of the city. Therefore, this constitutes the biggest obstacle in achieving CO2 neutrality in 2030. The focus is therefore on creating smart solutions. Built-up areas will be denser, distances to public transport will be shorter, as will the distance between work and home. Demand for transport will be reduced accordingly. We are supporting the electrification of public and private transportation as well as converting the Municipality’s transport – in terms of our own transport fleet, acquired transport as well as embedded transport services.


Selection of sites and cases

In 2030, the Municipality of Aarhus aims to be CO2 neutral. As the transport sector is the biggest challenge towards that goal, a separate “green transport” plan has been developed. It e.g. contains the goal that already in 2027, all public bus transport must be CO2-neutral.

There are thousands of good reasons for why the Municipality of Aarhus aims to be a good biking city. Some of the most important ones are that biking is a healthy and sustainable mode of transport, which contributes to minimizing congestion in the city.

The light rail in Aarhus is the first of its kind in Denmark. It has been under construction since 2013 and the first stage was taken into use in 2017.